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Why was the Music Trader forum removed?

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It was removed. I just made it private so only certain members can even see that it exists. The Music Trader section should be a extra treat for djs and no one else. Also, it has attracted to many leeches!!!!


DJ Slym/MR Street Buzz

I hit peoples I.Ms up all the time and send the song that they are lookin for if i can. I also have a huge selection of shot outs in the reggae for free thread in reggae. I mean what do i have to do to see the music trader thread. i Think i give alot. Am i qualified for it. If not what are the qualifications. # 1 Zoe in Da O


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This sucks ive only known this site 4 abou a month n it was so good n now uve taken it away i havent had time 2 post stuff out.


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how does one get access? I been trading with a lot of peeps that been posting and i can post new heat also...


Mr. Parker
Stop Cryin

Yo Yo, TJ didn't destroy swapping. He jus removed a link. Everyone still has the opportunity to network and get what they need.


Music Trader?

I've been with this site for about 6 months now because it was the best dj forum i've found. I have put up mixxtapes, tried helping creepa with the FTP before this got out of hand, i've got good advice, made some good connections and a few friends on this site


I knew we were gonna have a bunch of freeloaders just here to dl music like this was kazaaa or something when it was made known that you could get a free FTP on agreatserver.com I knew there was gonna be problems!

My only complaint is that us dj's that have been on this site for a while and contributing not only with music, but alot of other aspects of the game, like networking, knowledge, help, etc, etc. How come there wasn't a thread or something for us REAL DJ's to get in on this link?

There are a lot of contributors as well I just think the music trader thing got way out of control. The private link is a good idea but what is the criteria forthe rest of us getting the link to this?


It feels good to get all the fakin' people out of here and back to the DJs even if I can't see the link this site was great before it and great after

for all the real people we know why were here

for all the fakers find a hobby



loves the hot traxxxx!!!!
tj i was wonderin if u got my application for the musuc trader forum and if u did have u considered letting me have access. g-rock dj on the come up be on the look out.


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hey whats the update on this section? I got loads to share, rather not post it in the public sections if there is a private one


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hey tj how can i get the link to the mt forum???? i have been a member of this site since almost the beginning. let me know what i gotta do to prove to you i deserve that link???


Wouldlike to be allowed access to music trader...best forum on the net...have many ext. mixes and remixes to trade. peace


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I have no problem posting my ftp with a ton of music on there...to get access. I may not be a DJ and I have no plans to be one...but I do love music and like to get as much new stuff as I can...
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