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Ying Yang Twinz - Wait (Dj Dez Blend)


whea dey do dat at?
actually the original beat is as much a part of that song just as the lyrics...ion think that any other beat would fit that song....but hey, I came pretty damn close


New member
yeah this is a chill remix

im workin on makin this song a club banger....
hopefully in the next couple of days ill finish it up, if not tonight




whea dey do dat at?
I RE-UPPED THE LINK!!! (by request)

I've gotten a great response from this one....FEEDBACK REQUESTED!!!!

DJ Dakim

New member
it sounds great together the slow down beat wif wait...if you had used the uncensored version would there be much difference?

El Guero

Reppin the 510

This track is HOT!!!! Really adds another meaning to the song "Wait".. lol.. Good Job !!!!

Track Hotness: 10/10