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Young Buck - Shawty Wanna Ride (Dj Dez RMX)

Hot or Not??

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Blend Mister
DjDez said:
How do you say its 9/10 and vote "undecided"???? Thanx anyway
Well, I mean, the blend was good, but I wasn't feelin the instrumental you used, Im just not into that type of genre, but nice :p


"Locking Down Industry"
I'm definitely feeling this joint DJ DEZ................you always put together a nice blend. Keep Bringing Us the HEAT!

Larry @ LDE


whea dey do dat at?
Thanx LDE. 'Preciate the feedback. And by the way, that Vellie Boyz mixcd was straight FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mr. Numark TTX1
shit sounded hot. loved the beat. my boy kept screamin you jacked it from black rob... then i showed him the post where u admitted to sampleing it. good work.


whea dey do dat at?
Thanks Seye....Thanx to your boy too, I'm surprised he recognized the sample. 'Preciate the feedback and lookout for my next remix.